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1 a recompense for worthy acts or retribution for wrongdoing; "the wages of sin is death"; "virtue is its own reward" [syn: wages, payoff]
2 payment made in return for a service rendered
3 an act performed to strengthen approved behavior [syn: reinforcement]
4 the offer of money for helping to find a criminal or for returning lost property
5 benefit resulting from some event or action; "it turned out to my advantage"; "reaping the rewards of generosity" [syn: advantage] [ant: penalty]


1 bestow honor or rewards upon; "Today we honor our soldiers"; "The scout was rewarded for courageus action" [syn: honor, honour] [ant: dishonor]
2 strengthen and support with rewards; "Let's reinforce good behavior" [syn: reinforce]
3 act or give recompensation in recognition of someone's behavior or actions [syn: repay, pay back]

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From Old North French reward, from reguard (regard).


  1. Something of value given in return for an act.
    For catching the thief, you'll get a nice reward.
  2. The result of an action, whether good or bad.
    Is this the reward I get for telling the truth: to be put in jail?


something of value given in return for an act
  • Arabic: (mukāfa’a) , (jazā’)
  • Chinese: 報酬, 报酬 (bàochóu)
  • Czech: odměna
  • Dutch: beloning
  • Finnish: palkkio
  • French: récompense
  • German: Belohnung
  • Greek: ανταμοιβή (antamoiví)
  • Hungarian: jutalom
  • Italian: ricompensa
  • Japanese: 報酬
  • Korean: 보수 (bosu)
  • Portuguese: recompensa
  • Russian: награда (nagráda) , вознаграждение (voznagražd'énije) , премия (pr'émija)
  • Spanish: recompensa
  • Swedish: belöning
result of an action
  • Czech: odměna
  • Japanese: 報い
  • Russian: награда
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  1. To give a reward to.
    Why are you rewarding the child for misbehaving?

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give a reward to

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Academy Award, Nobel Prize, Oscar, amends, annihilation, atonement, award, bait, bane, biological death, blood money, booby prize, bribe, carrot, cessation of life, clinical death, comeuppance, compensate, compensation, consideration, consolation prize, crossing the bar, curtains, damages, death, death knell, debt of nature, decease, demise, departure, desert, deserts, dissolution, dividend, doom, dying, ebb of life, encouragement, end, end of life, ending, eternal rest, exit, expiration, extinction, extinguishment, favor, fee, fillip, final summons, finger of death, first prize, get satisfaction, going, going off, grave, guerdon, hand of death, honor, honorarium, incentive, incitement, indemnification, indemnify, indemnity, inducement, interest, invitation, jackpot, jaws of death, just deserts, knell, last debt, last muster, last rest, last roundup, last sleep, leaving life, loss of life, lure, make amends, make requital, make restitution, make retribution, making an end, meed, parting, passing, passing away, passing over, pay, pay back, pay by installments, pay off, pay on, payment, percentage, perishing, persuasive, plum, premium, prepay, price, prize, profit, provocation, punishment, quietus, quit, quittance, recompense, redress, release, remit, remunerate, remuneration, render, reparation, repay, reprisal, requital, requite, requitement, rest, restitution, retribution, return, revenge, salary, salvage, satisfaction, satisfy, second prize, sentence of death, shades of death, shadow of death, sleep, smart money, solatium, somatic death, stimulation, stimulative, stimulus, summons of death, sweepstakes, sweetener, sweetening, tender, tribute, wergild, what is due, what is merited, whet
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